Comparison between VOA and Embassy Visa ( Vietnam visa On arrival and Vietnam visa approved by Consular)

1. Visa on arrival ( Pre-Approval Letter):

This service is great for you/family, if your travel date to Vietnam is less than a week or you are in some emergency. If you live far from the Vietnam embassy, you are recommended to choose this service as well. This service, however, is only suitable for arriving Vietnam by Air.  For the processing time, you can choose between 30 minutes , 4-8 hours, or 2 working days options (refer to the service fee chart). We can even accommodate you on the weekends and public holidays. After you order this service, you will be expecting an approval letter from the Vietnam Embassy or Vietnam Immigration Department (Click here for a sample Letter).  We are registered Visa application agent and have the expertise to handle different applications; you can be reassured that we will assist you with your visa needs. With the approval letter and your standard travel document, you will be able to board the plane and on arrival to any Vietnam airports, you can pick up your visa stamp at the Immigration counter for a fee (refer to the fees chart)

 2. Embassy Visa ( Paper Visa ):

If your travel date to Vietnam is more than 1 week and you want the peace of mind of having the Vietnam Visa ready on arrival to Vietnam, you are recommended to choose this service. It is a more convenient option. This is your only option if you are arriving at Vietnam via cruise ship or land.  You may submit your application with a photocopy of your passport online. We will then handle the application process with the Vietnam Embassy. On completion, you will receive the Vietnam Visa Stamp issued by the Vietnam Embassy in your mail within 1 week (Click Here for a Sample of Visa Stamp) If you live in major cities, the delivery time will even be faster. In U.S. and Canada, we can deliver the Vietnam Visa Stamp to your mail in 3 days.  For more remote areas, it may take slightly longer time.  We use different courier services like Fedex, UPS, DHL or Post Office, whichever more suitable for your location. Vietnam Visa Fee varies depend on the duration of your stay in Vietnam (refer to the fees chart).  We welcome applications  from around the world, but if the applicant's country of residence requires a high mailing cost, we would inform the applicant immediately and provide further advice.

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