Vietnam Visa Centre's Terms and Conditions


1. Authorization and Responsibility

By using services of, you are authorizing Vietnam Visa Centre to act as your agent to process your visa application on your behalf. We will automatically act for the best result if there is any change needed and if you cannot be contacted in a timely manner. When we receive your application, we will send you a confirmation through email. You will also receive an email when we send the packet back to you via secure couriers.  If you have questions, please call us at 1-888-740-6868 or email us

2. Timing of Services

Vietnam Visa Centre will start to process your visa application as soon as we receive your application on any business day. The total processing time includes the time for the Vietnam Embassy to process your visa and our return shipping time. The general turnaround times are 4-6 work days for Regular Services, 2-3 work days for Express Services, and 1-2 work days for Rush Services. Processing time excludes weekends and Canadian national holidays and Vietnam national holidays.

Please be advised that we cannot guarantee delivery of the visa on all occasions. Factors due to many things beyond our control may happen and delay the visa.  Be assured that we will do all that is possible to obtain your visa in the time quoted, but please understand that your visa may not be available before your requested date and we recommend that you start your processing early.

3. Claims

It is your responsibility to prepare all documents necessary for processing your visa. We may provide information and suggestion based on our best knowledge, but we cannot guarantee the approval of your visa. We use third party couriers to deliver your Visa. Under unusual circumstances, your visa approval may be delayed or visa delivery may be delayed even though you choose Express or Rush services. You agree that Vietnam Visa Centre Service is not liable for any damage which may result from a delay of visa delivery or loss of documents. We may do our best to assist you in filing claims from third party delivery companies. If it is determined that it is our responsibility for the loss of your Visa and other documents, you agree that we are only liable for the recovering costs of applying for new Visa, up to but not exceeding $75 per applicant.

4. Mailing Process

Vietnam Visa Centre may not be responsible for delays due to reasons including but not limited to

            A) Delayed incoming mailings;

            B) Insufficient or Unacceptable payments;

            C) Incomplete forms

            D) third party couriers' negligence.

5. Privacy

Protecting customers' privacy is an integral part of our services. Vietnam Visa Centre Service may collect personal and sensitive information only for visa processing and delivery purposes. We keep all the information gathered as confidential, and should never release to any third parties for any reason without permission from users.

6. Documents Preparation

Vietnam Visa Centre can only process with the information you supplied, but have no control in visa approving process, and not able to explain the reasons for rejection either, if it happens. You are strongly encouraged to read all instructions and explanations from official Vietnam  Embassy's website related to visa type and fee schedule. It is your own responsibility to decide which type of visa to apply, and what supporting documents to prepare if applicable. All information about visa classification in our website is FOR REFERENCE ONLY, NOT LEGAL document.

7. Customs  & Immigration

Customs and/or immigration officials can deny a person, or persons, even that you are granted for Vietnam Visa or Pre Approval Letter for visa on arrival already and the service was provided by us, entry (or re-entry) into Vietnam at their own discretion. A previous criminal record could be an obstacle in international travel. Vietnam Visa Centre cannot be held responsible for denied entry under any circumstances.

8. Credit Card Policy

Vietnam Visa Centre accepts MasterCard, Visa, JCB and American Express credit cards, Paypal as forms of payment. If your payment is made using American Express, Visa or Master Card, JCB, Paypal please be advised that Vietnam Visa Centre Inc. will appear as the vendor on your credit card statement.  Your authorization to use your credit card number to pay for Vietnam Visa services fee provided by Vietnam Visa Centre Inc. indicates your acceptance of our Terms and Conditions, whether or not you have actually signed credit card forms. Therefore, by providing us with authorization to use your credit card to pay for your Vietnam Visa services fee online you are confirming that you will pay the total amount charged for those services to the card issuer according to your cardholder agreement. Simultaneously you are also acknowledging your acceptance of Vietnam Visa Centre's Terms and Conditions.

9. Protecting your information

Protecting personal information we receive from you is of crucial importance to Vietnam Visa Centre. While there is always some risk involved with transmitting information over the internet, we strive to protect against the misuse of any personal information that we receive from you via our website.   Vietnam Visa Centre data is protected by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology.  This technology ensures the safe transmission of all data, including personal and credit card information. By taking such measures, Vietnam Visa Centre customers can feel secure in the knowledge that their data is protected when using our website.

10. Cookies

Vietnam Visa Centre uses cookies to enhance your experience while using our website.  Cookies are identifiers conveyed to your computer's hard drive enabling our systems to recognize your browser. Cookies allow us to communicate certain information or content particular to your needs and interests. Our site also uses cookies to anonymously track movement within our site.

Vietnam Visa Centre employs third-party entities to perform functions on our behalf such as data analysis and marketing assistance. The data that we provide them is anonymous and does not reveal specific personal information related to our customers.  This data is used for specific functions that require broad-based user statistics which help to improve the overall Vietnam Visa Centre customer experience.  You can disable cookies on your computer. Should you do so, helpful information may be omitted from your service experience.

11. Registrations

Vietnam Visa Centre Inc., is located at 1 De Boers Drive, Suite 307, North York, Ontario M3J-0G6-Canada. More information about Vietnam Visa Centre may be found at our About Us / Contact Us page.

Vietnam Visa Centre Inc. is a registered as Retailer Provide Travel Visa For Tourist & Business Travellers to Vietnam

            - Ontario registration number: 240449165

            - Ontario Incorporated number: 1915282

            - Ontario Tax Registration number: 813531373 RT0001.

 12. Refund or Cancellation Policy

The total fee you pay to process a visa consists of:

            A) Visa Application fee (paid to Vietnam Embassy or Consulates);

            B) Service fee (paid to Vietnam Visa Centre);

            C) Shipping and handling fee (paid to third party couriers)

* Visa on Arrival (VOA):

 In Case your application get denied by Vietnam Immigration Dept. You will get  full refund back within 5-7 business days.   Once your application is sent to Vietnam Immigration Dept  for review, at this stage NO REFUND.

* Embassy Visa (Paper Visa):

 You will also get FULL REFUND back if your application get denied by Vietnam Embassy.  Once your application is sent to Embassy for review  and you change your mind, at this stage you will get refund back for Embassy Fee and Shipping Fee only.

 Once your application is approved  for Visa (Visa issued already) and you decide to change your mind not to obtain the Embassy Visa any more due to your trip cancelled or postpone, at this stage you can only get REFUND back for shipping fee only.

 I acknowledge that I have fully read the above terms and agree with Vietnam Visa Centre.