Check the list below and see if visa on arrival is available for your nationality and what you need for a visa.

Vietnam visa requirements for citizens of

Vietnam visa requirements for citizens of Ghana

1. Do Ghanaian nationals need a visa to Vietnam?

Ghanaian nationality is not included in the visa exemption list, therefore, all Ghanaians need to apply visa to Vietnam for either tourist or business purpose.
- Vietnam visa for tourist purpose is required
- Vietnam visa for business purpose is required

2. Two options for Ghanaian nationals to apply for a Vietnam visa

2.1. Apply online for a Vietnam visa on arrival

Citizens of Ghana have currently not been supported with Vietnam visa on arrival. Therefore, they are advised to directly contact the Vietnamese Embassy to apply for Vietnam visa.

2.2. Apply for Vietnam visa directly at the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate

For those who want to get a Vietnam visa beforehand or want to travel to Vietnam by land or sea, they can go to the nearest Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate.
At present, in Ghana, there is no representative office of Vietnam's government. Therefore, Ghanaians should contact the Vietnamese Embassy in the nearest neighboring country for more information.
Embassy of Vietnam in nearby country: Nigeria & Algeria

Useful notes:
- Before applying for a Vietnam Visa, Ghanaian citizens should ensure that their passport has at least 6-month validity and left pages from travel date.
- Ghanaian citizens are required to prepare: Original signed Ghanaian passport; 02 passport size photos; and a Business Letter from either the sending company in Ghana or sponsoring company in Vietnam. The letter should be printed on company letterhead stationery, addressed to the Embassy of Vietnam, and signed by a senior manager (an equivalent to Vice-President or above.)

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